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Trolley type shot blasting machine

If the machine is not suitable for your workpiece, please tell us the following infromation:  

What kind of workpiece will you clean?  

What is the maximum size of the workpiece? (length, width and height)   

What is the maximum weight of the workpiece?

What is the cleaning efficiency required?

According to your infomation, the most suitable machines will be designed for your workpieces.

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Click Here to View a working video of the ANTAI Trolley type shot blasting machine


The equipment is suitable for marine engines, energy and power generation module, wind towers, pumps, turbines, machine tools, electrical machinery, chemical machinery, construction machinery and other industries in large, heavy and complex casting, forging, weldment surface cleaning.


Large loading and high coverage rate of shot blasting.

Large blasting capacity and high cleaning efficiency.

Shot blasting combine shot peening, it could spray blasting blind zone, cleaning is complete.

Large and heavy casting, forging surface cleaning.

Technical parameter



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