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The workpiece is hung and walks in the middle of the spray booth. The sprayer sprays the workpiece on one side of the spray booth. A filter element filter device is installed on the side of the spray booth. This device is equipped with a negative pressure suction pipe. The negative pressure air flow passes through the filter element filter device on the side of the spray room, is filtered by the filter element and attached to the surface of the filter element. Then through the pulse-type back-blowing system provided in the equipment, the powder adsorbed on the outer surface of the filter element is blown off to the bottom surface of the powder room for recycling and reuse.

The spray booth has the following two main functions:

Provide a spraying space that can recover the suspended powder particles in the air to prevent the powder content in the air from reaching the explosive limit.

The powder that is not adsorbed on the workpiece during the spraying process can be recovered in time, and the powder remaining in the spray booth can be minimized for reuse, thereby helping to reduce costs.

Improve the cleaning efficiency of the spray booth and reduce the labor intensity of workers. The spray booth is placed directly on the ground. Each part of it is fixed and sealed by screws. The entire spray booth is mainly made of steel sprayed plastic. The spray booth is designed and installed with workpiece inlet and outlet, automatic spray gun opening, suspension chain opening and dustproof fluorescent lamp. The size of all workpiece openings has been accurately calculated to ensure the best powdering efficiency.

The spray booth is also designed with two manual repair spraying positions, which can repair paint the workpiece manually, which is beneficial to improve the quality of the product.






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