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Hook type shot blasting machine/Spinner hanger shot blasting machine

If the machine is not suitable for your workpiece, please tell us the following infromation:  

What kind of workpiece will you clean?  

What is the maximum size of the workpiece? (length, width and height)   

What is the maximum weight of the workpiece?

What is the cleaning efficiency required?

According to your infomation, the most suitable machines will be designed for your workpieces.

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Hanger hook shot blasting machine is a kind of hook type shot blasting machine, which consists of blasting chamber, elevator, separator, screw conveyor, blast wheel assembly, abrasive control system, hook walking track,hook system, rotation device, foundation, dust collecting system and electric control system.

Hanger Type machines are the most flexible machine types. They are split into Batch Type Machines where one batch of parts moves in, starts rotating, gets blasted and moves out, and Continuous Type Machines where the machines are equipped with a monorail system that moves the parts continuously through the machine.

Hanger shot blasting machines are designed to clean parts hanging from an overhead conveyor and used for castings or large parts that cannot be tumbled.The door of the sand blasting machine is opened automatically and components are loaded on to the trolley mounted hanger. The door is then closed and the blast wheel unit is operated. The abrasive at high velocity falls upon the components on the rotating hanger, hanger rotates in both clockwise & Anti-clockwise direction and definite time period and blast clean the components. After the blast cleaning cycle is over, the blast wheel is shut off and door is opened automatically and hanger moves out for unloading of components. At the same time another hanger on the Y-track moves in for blasting purpose.

Application range  

Suitable for surface cleaning and strengthening of castings, forgings, welded parts, aluminum alloy parts and other heat-treated parts of various varieties, large, medium and small batches, widely used in casting, forging, steel and other industries.

Technical characteristics 







Hook type Q3730 (81)_副本.jpg




  1. The Layout of blasting chamber and blast wheel is simulated by Solid Works software, specially designed by our senior designers.

  2. Adopt new type of hook sealing device, compact structure, which effectively reduces or eliminates leakage of abrasives. The hook can realize positive or negative rotation to ensure the cleaning effect.

  3. Pneumatic control system is adopted to effectively prevent abrasive from being thrown and wounded.

  4. Large blasting capacity and high blasting speed turbine can significantly improve cleaning efficiency and obtain satisfactory cleaning quality.

  5. 10mm roller Mn13 steel plate in the blasting area with 12000 hours service life, resistant to impact and easy to replace.

  6. High operational safety, Sufficient safety interlocking mechanism to ensure safety of operators.

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