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Sand blasting booth painting and drying booth line

If the machine is not suitable for your workpiece, please tell us the following infromation:  

What kind of workpiece will you clean?  

What is the maximum size of the workpiece? (length, width and height)   

What is the maximum weight of the workpiece?

What is the cleaning efficiency required?

According to your infomation, the most suitable machines will be designed for your workpieces.

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The painting drying integrated room can be used as a preheating room, a painting room, and a drying room. The spray painting adopts the form of upper air supply and lower exhaust air, and the switch between spray painting and drying is realized by adjusting the opening of the electric valve. The complete equipment of dry spray paint room is composed of main operation room, air supply and exhaust system, air supply and exhaust piping system, heating system exhaust gas treatment system, fire protection system, electrical control system and lifting operation platform. The main operation room is a painting operation place, which is composed of a room body, a ceiling air-leveling layer, a lighting device, and a mysterious palace-style grille; a paint mist processing device, personnel entry and exit doors, and work entry and exit doors.

The sand blast room is composed of the blasting chamber, air blaster, Abrasive recovery system (scraper mechanical recycling way),screw conveyor, bucket elevator, air wash separator, abrasive feeding system, illumination system, dust collector, trolley system and electric control system. The sand blasting room is a kind of nonstandard machine equipment and is suitable for surface and inner chamber of large structural parts, box castings, large castings, widely used in ship industrial, military and construction machinery , petrochemical machinery, hydraulic machinery and bridge components , machinery and other locomotives of large metal structures, suitable for sand-blasting and shot peening front surface coating strengthening treatment . 


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