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We can accept customized green sand reclamation production line ranging from 10T/H to 120T/H.

Clay sand is a kind of molding (core) sand configured with clay as a binder. Realizing the mechanization of the sand reclamation treatment process is an important part of casting production. The quality of the molding (core) sand reclamation directly affects the improvement of the quality and output of the casting production and the reduction of costs; due to the complex sand reclamation treatment process, the clay sand processing and transportation workload is very large, and the environment is very harsh, so the sand reclamation treatment process mechanization is an important part of casting production. The main task of the sand reclamation department is to provide qualified molding sand and core sand for the core molding department.

 The green sand reclamation production line consists of vibrating conveyor, casting conveyor, belt conveyor, suspension magnetic separator, elevator fine hexagonal screen, sand storage, two way belt conveyor, boiling cooling equipment, elevator, sand reclaimer, belt conveyor, elevator, sand discharger, Belt conveyor, sand storage, disc feeder, belt conveyor, elevator, belt conveyor, exhaust respirator, auiliany hopper, two way feeder, screw feeder, auxiliary electronic scale sand mixer, belt conveyor, round disc feeder.

 The production line is a vortex centrifugal mechanical regeneration device. The old sand is dropped on a high speed rotating regeneration disk by a quantitative device, and is thrown to the surrounding wear resistant rings under the action of centrifugal force. Repeated friction and collision between the sand particles and the wear resistant rings and between the sand particles make the adhesive film on the surface of the sand particles. After being removed, the reclaimed sand falls from the wear ring and the regeneration disc. At the same time, the fan on the same axis as the regeneration disc blows upward, forming a strong air stream to boil, winnow, remove the adhesive film and dust from the faling sand.To obtain recycled sand that meets process requirements. After the treatment of the old sand, the content of dead clay is low, the amount of new sand added is small, the wet sand strength of the molding sand after mixing is high, and the fluidity is good.

Resin sand process is a process of using low nitrogen, nitrogen-free furan resin or alkali phenolic resin as a binder, a curing agent as a hardener, and curing the sand mold at normal temperature. This process is advanced, the casting quality is high, and the used sand recovery rate is high. The eddy current and scrubbing regeneration methods are mainly used to remove the inert film on the surface of the old sand, which has achieved the purpose of regeneration. It is supplemented by falling sand, crushing, magnetic separation, cooling, conveying and sand mixing equipment to form a complete set of resin sand recycling treatment equipment, which is mainly suitable for the production of cast iron, cast steel and non-ferrous total castings in the foundry.


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