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Water curtain type spray booth designed and manufactured by Qingdao Antai has been changed compared with the traditional water curtain spray booth. unique design of three times paint mist treatment recovery device, effectively solves the problem of the traditional water curtain spray booth fan impeller  sticky paint  as well as outdoor discharge pollution serious problems. (The structure is designed by our company's engineers in 2014 with Italian engineers. At present,  our company is the only one in China, which has been running perfectly in foreign-funded enterprises of Italy and Germany.)

Working Principle

The front of the equipment is a stainless steel sawtooth water curtain plate, which is equipped with overflow tank, and the back of the water curtain plate is a multi-stage water mist filter.The water in the tank is lifted by the pump to the water curtain plate and the overflow tank on the top of the multi-stage water mist filter, and the overflow flows to the water curtain plate to form a water curtain.When spray painting, the paint mist entering the spray painting room first meets the water curtain and is washed to the bottom of the tank. The rest of the paint mist is completely intercepted in the water when passing through the multi-stage water mist filter.The water in the tank can be cleaned regularly with paint fog coagulant and recycled.







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