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The mechanized molding line is an ideal equipment for mass production of casting enterprises for mechanized transformation. It has thecharacteristics of less investment, quick efect, low labor intensity, high casting quality easy to operate, good management and maintenance.

The molding line adopts a pneumatic jolt squeeze molding machine, a pneumatic multi contacts molding machine (lots of molding machines can beused), and the casting transfer conveyor for pouring and cooling. The workers carry the sand box and the sand mould through the air hoist, as well ascore setting, flask closing, pouring circular rail, sand shakeout machine, empty flask conveyor roller and sand box.

The molding line adopts open layout, and the walking type casting conveyor transports the mold, which is compact in layout and saves workshop area.It adopts PLC to control runnig pitch, is driven by hydraulic and motor reducer, and consists of molding machine and auxiliary machines(fask punch-out machine, flask separating machine, trolley cleaning device, flask cleaning device, flask turnover machine, sand scraping machine, pouring gatemilling machine, air hole milling machine, flask closing machine, transfer trolley, molding conveyor roller and cooling section.), electric control systemand hydraulic system. The transition car transfers the sand mould between the molding section and each cooling section as instructed, which canrealize static core setting, flask closing, pouring and different cooling time.

If the molding line can realize uniform of molding flask and roller pattern stripping, the whole molding section area can connect axiliaymachines(flask pushing machine, flask punch-out machine, flask separating machine, flask steering machine, flask turnover machine) via rllers,more convenient and quicker operation, more standardized layout.

Application range

Castings, aluminum alloy parts and other heat-treated parts of varieties, large, medium and small batches.

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